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Easter defeated the Seiyo Academy Guardians easily during the great battle for the embryo. But the embryo turned out to be just an urban myth after all and the Guardian system fell into pieces. The defeated Seiyo Academy was taken over by Easter and converted into a training center for their child soldiers.

Five years later, the Shitsuren Academy developed a new system of rankings, based off of the lost Guardian tradition of the past. The higher-ups of Easter decided to arrange the structure on the suites of the cards and the numbers beneath them, turning the school into a battle between five great suit Chairs and their lower numbers.

There was the Crown Chair, the highest power, under which was arranged numbers nine and ten.

Then the Spade Chair, under which was arranged numbers seven and eight.

The Rose Chair came next, under which was arranged numbers five and six.

Fourth, the Cross Chair, under which was arranged three and four.

Fifth and finally, the Diamond Chair, controlling numbers one and two.

Those five Chairs controlled the very fabric of the academy itself, though their control was not met without dissent from the common student population, knowing nothing of the Chairs, which were later regarded more commonly as the Vier, though the word was German for four, not five, and less commonly as the Atout, or Trump Card.

Any and all dissent was met with cruel retribution, and often those who returned from a “meeting” with the famed Chairs returned looking listless and completely not tuned into the world.

Fifteen years passed, the Crown Chair and the corresponding suit numbers eventually gaining much more authority over the other Chairs and suits. The other Chairs, save for the one loyal Spade Chair and suit, over time grew into a fierce hatred of the highest chair and started to organize a rebellion against the Crown.

Both sides began to organize increasing efforts to either defend their existing power or reorganize the system to return the former balance.

On whose side will you stand? The Crown and their Knights (Spade)? Or the luxurious (Rose), the "church" (Cross), or the nobility (Diamond)? And if you choose to stay neutral, get ready to pay the price.

For, this is REVOLUTION.

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