The Great Escape

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It’s been thirty years since Easter got their hands on the embryo.

It’s the New Regime. Nothing is as it was. A single wish absolutely destroyed the world, twisting it around into Easter’s plaything. Nowhere seems to be safe, especially not when Japan is the center of Easter’s power.

After seeing people suffer on the streets, hearing news of pain around the world, watching with their own eyes as people are killed at the feet of their ‘master’, some Easter agents grew tired of this decay in the moral standard of living. They know nothing of the previous world; their minds are clouded with stories and dreams about what it could have possibly been like. They wish to find out for themselves, and together they have escaped from Easter and now have a secret base, located in Hokkaido.

Now this ‘paradise’ has turned into a battlefield. The ex-agents must avoid every Easter’s scouts at all costs. They must work together to keep their base safe, fortified, intact, and stocked with food and water. Can they manage, or will Easter find them and punish them for their treason? Will they flee from Japan? And if they do, how will they survive?

It’s all up to you.

Featured CharactersEdit

  • Kagaku Masaru
  • Yokubo Eien
  • Masanori Shinji
  • Ikeda Ren

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