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Sumiko is one of Kokoro's very few number of aliens. However, she's far from the whole "I wanna take over the earth!" idea and really just seems like an alien version of Shimizu Arisa. She doesn't show at Kokoro quite too often, but when she does, she usually hangs out with Plum or chases around Bob Pushkaboomda scaring him to death. It's actually a surprise that her character hasn't been deleted though, and is probably only still alive due to her authoress just wanting to play an alien. Along with Cannoli, she is a member of the Amparists.


Before KokoroEdit

Well, her life was a major drama before she entered the happy-go-lucky life. She was in love with her sister's boyfriend, Akira, for years, before she finally gave up on that when she met Hiroshi, another alien who changed her life.

However, Hiroshi constantly had a lot going on and disappeared quite often leaving Sumiko heartbroken numerous times. It's reached a point where Hiroshi may be gone for good, but she's still in love with the boy in hopes that maybe there's still some hope that he could return.

Even so, eventually she met Plum who introduced her to the Kokoro world, and made her realize it wasn't best to sulk around all day and just live her life.

Kokoro DaysEdit

There's not much to say here because she isn't even in Kokoro much too often, but she has visited several times due to her good friendship with Plum. When there, she also likes to freak out Bob who's actually extremely afraid of her for unknown reasons. She also seems to have an old friendship with Kazeno Hikari, whom she took care of on several occasions when she was much younger.

At this time, in her home dimension, the Amparists are fighting to protect the planet from the Returners, who want to take down the alien council to prevent change for their home. Members of the Amparists, Sumiko and Cannoli were sent to Cafe Mew Mew to protect the Mews from any possible invasion of the Returners. However, Sumiko ended up disappearing from the cafe, leaving Cannoli to believe she returned back to their planet, though her exact whereabouts are unknown.

Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

None available.


At first, Sumiko was the definite emo type who didn't really like people so much, and tended to be anti-social a majority of the time. When meeting Hiroshi, she turned out to be quite shy, but revealed that she did have a sweet side to herself when she talked to people. Even so, at this point she still sulked a lot and became depressed, but eventually she met Plum and she took on some happy-go-lucky spirit and became quite an energetic girl. Although sometimes her energy goes beyond the craziness of Plum and sometimes frightens people (namely Bob).


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Hiroshi: The mysterious boy whom Sumiko was in love with before the days of Kokoro. They had a happy relationship at times, but Hiroshi had the tendency of disappearing so many times which left Sumiko in quite a depressed state on many occasions. In reality, her old relationship greatly resembles that of Plum and Shirogane Kyr, although Hiroshi ended up disappearing for a long time, and Sumiko hasn't seen him in years as of now.
  • Cannoli: He had been in love with her for a long time, but his feelings were never returned because of her strong love for Hiroshi. She does see him as a very close friend, and trusts him with her life, having known him for so long. Despite her saying she couldn't return his feelings, the two do remain friends, and are usually teamed up when having some sort of mission from the alien council.


Sumiko had once said she had a sister, but that's about it.


From the alien planet, Sumiko seems to be really good friends with Cannoli, whom she's known all her life, and the two seem to be paired up often when it comes to missions directed from the alien council. Being part of the same organization, she seems to be friends with Kisshu, Pai, and Taruto, though she's probably not as close to them as she is with Cannoli.

Having visited Kokoro on occasion, Sumiko came to know the group due to her meeting with Plum, who she seems to share a similar personality with. She also seemed to be close to Bob, though he denies them having a friendship, due to his strong fear of being around her, believing her to be more insane than Plum. Aside from this, Sumiko also has a history with Kazeno Hikari, whom she used to babysit often before the story of Kokoro began.


  • Name Translation: "Sumiko" - ??
  • Alias: Sumi
  • Signature Colors: Red, Pink
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: February 20
  • Zodiac: Pisces/Dragon
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Orange
  • Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Likes: Dancing, word puzzles
  • Dislikes: Cold places, sailing
  • Fears: Snow, boats
  • Allergies: Unknown
  • Favorite foods: Yogurt, Oranges
  • Least favorite foods: Peanut Butter
  • Favorite beverage: Orange Juice
  • Blood Type: Unknown

Alien InformationEdit

All that's known of her attacks is that they seem to be fire-based.


  • Sumiko has faced so many personality changes due to the fact that her authoress is indecisive as to what type of character Sumiko should be. At first, she had a gothic touch to her, before turning into the calm, shy type and eventually developed into an energetic ball of fun.
  • Sumiko's story began on Mew Mew Girl forums, which is where she had her relationship with Hiroshi. Upon the creation of Kokoro, her authoress decided to drag Sumiko in there, too.
  • It's interesting how her authoress messes around with her story so much and adds so much background to her, when she's never even played. =P

Photo ReferencesEdit

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