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Shirogane Ichigo isn't quite the girl everyone thought her to be. At one point, she was that cute catgirl who led the mews, but due to whacked authoress-ness, her mind has been "warped" and people just began to see her as whiny and lazy a majority of the time. Of course, all she is now is misunderstood, because while, yes, there's no denying that there was an authoress explosion with her, and she's now the wife of Shirogane Ryou, she's still that same old Momomiya Ichigo everyone knew. Along with that, she currently owns her own business, The Plushing Spindle, where she creates her own plush dolls, and is studying much in the field of child care, constantly taking care of the infamous robotic baby, Libby.

Though Ari technically doesn't own her, this Ichigo ended up completely separating from the original, hence this Ichi is property of Ari.


Before KokoroEdit

Ichigo was born a twin to Hoshizen Daisuke on March 15. Her childhood was pretty simple, and she lived a normal life, going to school, making friends, being with her parents, and playing with her brother. Even after her brother left the family at a young age, she still continued to live on regularly, avoiding having any drama in her life.

Then, of course, the incident of the earthquake occured and Ichigo became involved in the Mew Project, meeting Ryou for the first time, and becoming the leader of the Mews, earning the mission of saving the planet from the aliens who wished to take it back into their hands.

Having been in love with Masaya for some time, the two became involved in quite a happy relationship after the saving of the world. However, unknown events occurred and it came to be known that she and Masaya's relationship had eventually reached an end. From then on, Ichigo's character began to change gradually and life truly began to change for her once the moment arrived when she openly spoke of her feelings for Ryou.

Kokoro DaysEdit

It all began when Ichigo first proposed to Ryou, which led to their infamous wedding two weeks later, along with the changing of her last name to Shirogane. In the beginning, Ichigo's main concerns where on building up her relationship with her "husband", and it all mainly consisted and drama and mushyworks, along with her moving into Cafe Mew Mew, having a second wedding, and later meeting their future children.

When Shirogane Kyr appeared, that was when things truly became complicated. At first, he was thought to be the future child of her and Ryou, but it was later discovered that he was in fact the son of Ryou and Midorikawa Retasu and also had a strong hate towards Ichigo for several reasons, one being that she was hated for breaking the hearts of many people due to her relationship with Ryou.

It was at this point that Ichigo's popularity began to die down, for she was apparently disliked by several people and she was seen as a total idiot for her occasional mindless actions. Because of this, Ichigo often went through many disappearances, disappearing from the cafe for weeks at a time and later returning, bearing a smile on her face as if nothing wrong had happened.

At many points along the way, and even now, on occasion, Ichigo has been seen as a "jealous freak", often getting angered at the idea that Ryou is often surroundered by many girls. Most of the time, she feels as if she has to "compete" for her boyfriend, considering his strong relationships with girls like Sarah Cohen or Kiki Gamu. She often gets depressed over this and to keep from visibly sulking, she spends some time away from the cafe. Of course, it didn't help matters much when Ryou moved out of the cafe, and for some months, Ichigo was in quite an emo spell, until finally, Ryou moved her things into his apartment and she has been living with him there ever since.

For a long time, Ichigo has had to work hard in order to prove herself to all the people that has hated her for being the way she is. However, most of her attempts to change their opinions of her have failed and thus, at this point, Ichigo has given up on proving anything to anyone. She now stands choosing to be herself, whether it be too perfect or imperfect for anyone else, and feels that she has wasted many days of her life trying to be someone she wasn't.

For now, Ichigo's life hasn't been so complicated. While there was some tension for a while due to the fact that while she and Ryou had spent some time apart, he and Gamu spent much of their time together, Ichigo has pretty much gotten over her little jealousy factor and is just relaxing, not dramatizing over anything in her life at the present time. In fact, according to her, she's currently the happiest she's ever been, being in a good, solid relationship with Ryou. To add to this, Kyr has been said to have gotten over his hate for Ichigo, and Ryou's father has told her and Ryou that he's decided to accept her into the Shirogane family.

At this time, Ichigo's main focus is what she's going to do with her future. She has decided that she wishes to attend Tokyo University for college, and though her conselors first laughed at her when she told them this, her increasing rise in knowledge is slowly proving that she may have a chance in attending. However, Ichigo still doesn't know which career path she is willing to take, though she has taken a huge interest in the caretaking and teaching of children.

After five years of much struggle, she and Ryou finally eloped and had a private wedding, changing their last names to "Shiromiya", to escape the family drama that had tried to separate them in the past.

Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

In this future, Ichigo and Ryou are married, eventually having children which include the twins, Kisa and Masume, and the lovable Ami. Here, Ichigo is pretty much the same ditz she's always been, although, like Ryou who became quite a bishounen, she ended up looking like a true "bishoujo", as many may call it. Due to the many times she gets pregnant, she ends up getting into too many mood swings and is often whining and complaining to everybody.


There's possibly two sides of Ichigo known. The first is the most commonly viewed image of the strawberry girl, which is of course the "stupid" personality. At first, most people tend to pre-judge that Ichigo remains entirely clueless about the world around her and is just a total ditz who can't seem to tell up from down. There's plenty of proof to support this opinion considering Ichigo really has had moments where she can't even figure out the functioning of a bubblegum machine.

Surprisingly, all in all, Ichigo's actually a bit of a mystery. While people think she just has an empty mind, she can surprise people with her knowledgable speeches and viewpoints about whatever's going on. For this, the question has often been raised if Ichigo's acts of "stupidity" have just been an act, or if maybe Ichigo really does have a separate second side to her.

In truth, Ichigo still contains her feelings of determination, although like any other human being, she often does give up hope. But still, she's never fully given up on her goals. She's really just an average girl--and a bit of a romantic, really--and just tends to try to live life as simple as possible.

Despite the fact that plenty of people have hated her in the past, Ichigo's not one to hold a grudge and doesn't really hold any feelings of hate towards anybody. She usually gets along with anyone she talks to, except, of course, when it comes to her boyfriend, whom she always ends up in an argument with. Really, most of the time, she just tries to help in any way she can, but can easily note when there really isn't anything she could do.

She hates to be dragged into drama and tends to have trouble figuring how to get herself out of it. She's also not the best cook in Cafe Mew Mew, considering baking cookies can become quite hazardous, but even so, she still practices trying to succeed in making other meals.

Ichigo admits that while everyone pretty much has something they're truly good at, she doesn't really have anything that she could do better than someone else. However, she does seem to have quite a talent with knitting and most of the time is caught doing so.

Ichigo has also come to realize that she's very fond of being able to teach and take care of children, showing that she has more of a motherly side to her than previously thought. However, despite her love of children, Ichigo still feels that she's not liked by many children, as proven by Libby, who, despite being a robot, cries whenever Ichigo is near.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Shirogane Ryou: While it was a shock to many, Ichigo proposed to Ryou during the first episode of Kokoro. Eventually, she admitted that when she did so, her feelings for Ryou hadn't exactly been developed yet, but that was no matter for it wasn't long before she truly fell in love with him. As of now, so much drama and chaos has occurred between the two, and Ichigo constantly believes that she doesn't deserve being with him, but it seems that no matter what, Ryou would never let her go, and in truth, she wouldn't let him go either. As of now, she seems to be having a silent rivalry with Gamu over him. However, the relationship of the two seems to have become more stronger than ever. All that really needs to be figured out now is when exactly they'll have that official opportunity to get married.
  • Aoyama Masaya: Honestly, it's unknown how their relationship ended, but it happened sometime before her relationship with Ryou began. Though Ichigo insists they ended on good terms, she's blamed a lot by others for "breaking his heart" and running off with Ryou.
  • Kisshu: Since her first days of being a mew, Kisshu's been after her, going to all lengths to make her his. She never did have feelings for him, though she often did feel a sense of sympathy towards him. When the battle against the aliens was over, he told her he just wanted her to be happy, though even now, he has shown up on rare occasions, still attempting to take her away with him.
  • Ima Ima Ichigo: Ichigo's fanclub. Like the Ryou Shirogane Love Corporation, they're afraid to speak to her directly, but show more and more complicated displays of affection instead, such as large floral arrangements in front of her door and marriage proposals in the mail. It's implied that they're stalking her, which is just plain scary. They recently constructed a new Ichi-bot, OURIDoL, so they could have their very own Ichi, but are still after the real one.


Ichigo's parents are Momomiya Shintaro and Sakura, two loving people who truly love their daughter. However, while Sakura tends to usually be fully supportive of all of Ichigo's decisions, Shintaro is usually in a panic, refusing to let his little girl grow up. Ichigo tends to have much difficulty getting across to her father, especially when Ryou is concerned, considering Shintaro doesn't have much of a liking towards his daughter's boyfriend.

Despite being twin siblings, Daisuke and Ichigo don't have as close of a relationship as many would expect. It might be due to the fact that Daisuke left the family so long ago, distancing their relationship, and maybe even how Daisuke has been good friends with Kyr, who didn't like her at one point. Still, the two are making attempts to get closer to one another again, though it's been quite difficult for them to spend some time together.

Seeing as how one day she's to marry Ryou, eventually Ichigo will become a part of the Shirogane family, which is, in fact, quite a scary thought considering the general opinion they have of her. However, she does have a good relationship with his mother, and though he might still not like her much, his father has stated that she's been accepted into the family.


Though she had plenty of friends before, after getting with Ryou, Ichigo's friendships with others were kind of strained and for a long time, the only person she could truly talk to was Ryou, who, if he wasn't her boyfriend, could pretty much be her best friend.

Ichigo has slowly begun to get along well with plenty of people though, such as Sarah, who, despite being Ryou's ex-girlfriend, has managed to become really good friends with Ichigo, often spending time together outside of the cafe. Then there's Gamu, another girl who's connected with Ryou. The two have a strange type of friendship, considering that while they do get along on occasion, they still tend to get themselves into major arguments concerning their relationships with Ryou. Eventually though, she and Gamu talked out the whole situation and, each dealing with their own troubles, decided that they could both use a friend and have begun to try to form that friendship between them.

Though the friendships aren't majorly strong, Ichigo does often talk to other cafe residents, like Plum, who may tease her constantly, but who still helps concerning many things, Satou, one of the people who has supported her since the very beginning, Kocha, who believes she and Ryou are the "best people" there is, and Cannoli, who she decided to help in teaching the ways of Earth during his visit. Also, while the two are never actually seen together, supposedly she and Bob have a nice friendship outside of the cafe. Plum has joked of a secret affair, but obviously, the two do not have any romantic feelings for one another.


  • Name Translation: "Ichigo" - Strawberry, "Momo" - Peach, "Miya" - Shrine
  • Alias: Ichi, Ichi-san, catgirl, Kitten, Kitters
  • Signature Colors: Pink
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: March 15, 1991
  • Zodiac: Pisces/Sheep
  • Grade: Undergraduate College Student, Elementary Education major
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5 feet, 1 inch
  • Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
  • Likes: Strawberries, knitting, mushyworks, children
  • Dislikes: Fangirls, being teased, transforming, being called stupid
  • Fears: Ghosts, chickens
  • Allergies: Unknown
  • Favorite foods: Strawberries, cake, seafood, waffles, pizza, maple syrup
  • Least favorite foods: Carrots, tofu
  • Favorite beverage: Strawberry juice
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Injection Mark: On the inner part of her right thigh
  • Animal: Iriomote Wildcat

Mew InformationEdit


Well, she's Mew Ichigo, the original and (ex)leader of the Mews. She's said to have love-based attacks and due to her Iriomote Wildcat DNA, has the traits and reflexes of a cat. Shouting "Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorpho-sis!" will have her transform into her mew form, which causes her hair and eyes to turn pink. Along with her cat ears and tail coming out, she is found wearing a strapless lighter pink dress with a darker pink trim. She wears a matching leg band on her right thigh, just below the location of her mew mark. She also wears dark pink gloves, and long pink boots that go up just below her knees.

Weapon and AttackEdit

Mew Ichigo calls out her weapon, the famous Strawberry Bell Bell, and has also been known to use the Mewberry Rod and the Mew Aqua Rod.

  • Ribbon Strawberry Check: Ichigo jumps into the air, spinning, just before calling this out, releasing sparks of light to attack the enemy.
  • Ribbon Strawberry Surprise: Ichigo's Strawberry Bell is combined with the Mewberry Rod, just as she flies up into the air, spinning, surrounded by colorful lines of light and, just as with her first attack, releases glittery light to attack the enemy.
  • Ribbon Aqua Drops: Ichigo takes the Mew Aqua Rod and waves it about to release numerous bubbles, as she begins floating around in the air, until she stops to hold up the rod, releasing sparks of light towards all directions.


  • Ichigo's probably the most teased character in Kokoro, because people make fun of her authoress a lot for making her more "stupid" than she originally was.
  • Ichigo's one of the characters that has recently too many personality-changes.
  • Reason for the above statement is due to her authoress going mad about trying to figure out how she can make her act more "canon"-like.
  • All attempts for the former statement have failed, so basically Ichigo has multi-personalities but no bipolar disorder, which just makes it all so confusing.

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