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Shimizu Arisa is the spirited, spunky plumber who mysteriously appeared for unknown reasons at Cafe Mew Mew when Kokoro first began back in 2004. Every day, this wild child attempts to create fun and parties at the cafe, despite how bizarre her ideas may turn out to be. She tends to be happy-go-lucky most of the time, making sure not to show any sign of sadness, and lets nothing get her down. Unless of course, someone gets their hands on her Kyr plushie; then they'll see the rage.


Before KokoroEdit

She was born as Shimizu Arisa to Shimizu Hiroshi and Shimizu Sana in the year 2013. They were pretty much a happy family for some time, until Plum turned three years old, and Hiroshi had left his wife and daughter to live on their own, while he went on to form another family. But that didn't end the lives of Plum and her mother. They continued to live in Tokyo happily on their own, letting nothing, not the people that judged them nor the fact that they had barely any money, get them down. The only outsiders that they had really spoken to were a mother and daughter that had taken care of them. Of course, it wasn't until many years later when Plum would learn that these two were actually Emily Cohen and Sarah Cohen, her half-sister. But that's another story to tell later.

Anyway, Sana and Plum were quite the cheerful bunch and every day for them was an adventure. Both were pretty sure that they could live happily like that forever. Then again, neither of them had predicted the moment of the accident that would lead to the death of Sana.

At age 6, without her mother nor her father, Plum really didn't have anybody. Emily and Sarah seemed to have disappeared, which meant Plum had no choice but to go to an orphanage. However, she was never quite like the other children, therefore she didn't really get along with them. In most typical histories of orphans, you would hear that they were picked on as children, leaving them to be all alone with neither friends nor family. But as previously said, Plum was not like other children. In fact, it was she that picked on and teased the other children, but despite that she only did this to bring some fun and enjoyment to the orphanage, the other orphans didn't enjoy it so much. And for that, less than a year later, Plum escaped the orphanage and went off to live on the streets on her own.

Somehow, Plum managed to survive several years on the streets despite being just a child. However, due to the magic powers she had no knowledge of, she ended up in year 2002. Here, she met with a friendly old man by the name of Joe Pushkaboomda who owned his very own plumbing company. He was extremely kind and felt terrible that a girl her age had no money and no shelter to live under, so he gave her a room in the plumbing building to live in. Despite that he let her stay there for no charge at all, Plum needed some excitement in her life and chose to work as a plumber full-time, which Joe had no choice but to let her do so.

Despite Plum's attempt to make life as happy as possible, tragedy never did seem to end for her. A year after meeting Joe, he passed away of old age, thus Plum lost yet another important person in her life. Still, he did not entirely leave her to go back to living on her own, for in his will, he had left her all the money he had, including the plumbing business, which meant she was now in charge, despite her being only 12 years old.

Even though she really had no family left, Plum's spirit was still not destroyed. She always remembered how her mother raised her, knowing that life was a pathway that would always lead to a rainbow. So she knew that even though things were tough on her now, she'd eventually had a good life with wonderful people beside her.

However, things were once again going out of proportion when Plum's unknown magic went to work again, sending her back to where she was actually supposed to be: the year 2025. Plum had no knowledge of the time switch, so when she attempted to enter what she had known to be her plumbing business, but was now said to be a secret government base of some sort, which led her into being chased by the police. As she ran and ran, she attempted to hide in the tree, while they tried looking for her on a false trail, but due to her luck, she ended up slipping and fell on top of a stranger below.

It was here that she met Shirogane Kyr. They seemed to have sort of gotten along, and things ended up leading to the point where Plum was injected with the DNA of the Japanese Bobtail, thus turning her into a mew. She hadn't even the slightest clue what a mew was, but was excited, because she felt like a "supergirl" of some sort. She left Cafe Mew Mew that day, believing she'd see Kyr again, but her magic went back to work, and then she was back in the year 2004.

Plum waltzed around Tokyo enjoying the feeling of having her new powers when suddenly one day, she came across a group of interesting people which included a newlywed teen couple and many young girls with powers such as hers. Finding much interest in these new people, she decided to stick around with these people a bit more; these people that eventually became her family.

Kokoro DaysEdit

After meeting Ryou and the rest of the group, Plum ended up sticking around. At first, no one really knew much about her, because all she did was join in anything that was related to fun, games, and partying. But she was good friends with Murahara Sakura and eventually became best friends with Bob Pushkaboomda as well, whom she dragged along in all of her own little adventures.

It was also in Kokoro where Plum fell in love with Kyr, but while things were happy and good with them at the beginning, eventually Kyr began running away constantly, which let out a more saddened part of her that wasn't seen too often. For months on end, Plum was involved in on-and-off drama, not knowing where her relationship with Kyr was going, but eventually, things got better little by little, and they didn't seem to have too many problems.

Even so, Plum still had her constant happy-go-lucky days in which she dragged everyone into parties and forced them all on sugar high just for the sake of having more fun. Along the way, Plum probably earned the reputation of being Kokoro's most out-going, adventurous, and spirited character. No matter who came her way, she made friends with anyone and everyone, bringing constant adventure into the Kokoro world.

Of course, things weren't always so grand, even aside from the Kyr drama. There was a point in time in which Plum discovered she had a certain type of bone cancer, which she kept from everyone, aside from Elizabeth Shirogane, due to the fact that because she was still a teenager, she needed a guardian to take care of medical papers and consent forms. Eventually, she told the truth to everyone, which saddened everyone in the cafe. However, her sickness wasn't as drastic as many had thought, and keeping her spirits up, little by little, she got better. As of now, Plum doesn't seem to have any problems when concerning her health.

No matter what though, Plum has always been that gutsy wild child everyone knows her to be. She made many friends, met up with her half-sister, made Ryou her "pops", gave a whole new meaning to the term "sugar high", and has played more than a major part in constantly turning the cafe upside down (it wouldn't be a surprise if she literally did that one day).

For some time, Plum's reputation was on the line, as more and more people begun to see her personality in a negative way. She was even beginning to prepare herself, in belief that Ryou and Gamu would someday send her off to an asylum in Africa.

Last her story was left out, she was still the same old usual Plum, however, still being a destructive, hyperactive plumber, causing chaos within the cafe, while balancing a loopy relationship with Kyr.

Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

Because the dimensions are pretty much all over the place and nothing ends up turning out how it seems, no one's future isn't exactly certain at this point... so Kokoro Draft was created by the split. In this dimension, Plum moves back to Chrono and marries Shirogane Kyr, her current fiancé, and later has two children with him, Akari and Mika. However, Plum isn't for certain is this is what she can expect in the future of this timeline.

During the beginning of Kokoro, Plum had predicted that she would end up marrying her best friend, Bob Pushkaboomda. This really doesn't seem likely, though, due to her engagement to Kyr and Bob currently having a relationship with Murahara Sakura. Besides, Plum's predictions as a psychic never turn out correct anyway. There's probably another dimension where these two end up together though.

Other-Worldly CounterpartsEdit

  • Mirror Mew Mew: This Plum is yet another action-packed little ball of fun, who's probably just as energetic as Kokoro's. Like in Kokoro, the Plum in Mirror Mew seems to have an attachment to Ryou, and likes to play pranks and bug him whenever she finds the chance. Unlike our Plum, this one seems to have a strong hatred towards Kyr, and spends her days planning her ultimate revenge against him. Although for something to be called "revenge", he would have had to do something to upset her. Who knows what this is all about though?
  • Unknown Dimension: No one knows exactly where this "Plum" came from, but she was in fact the very first "Plum" that appeared when the adventures of Kokoro had begun. Her name is Aya Shimizu, and seems to actually be a polar opposite of the real Plum, in the sense that she's actually almost a hundred percent sane and doesn't throw parties or confetti around. When she made a random second appearance one day on Kokoro, rumors began to spread of the existence of an "opposite" Kokoro where everyone exists with polar opposite personalities.


Plum is the nutball of Cafe Mew Mew and really just spends her time singing solo karaoke, dancing around, and planning out any random parties that really don't serve a real purpose. She gets really annoyed when the air is peaceful and quiet, and prefers a lively environment where everyone is active and having fun doing whatever they have in mind for the moment. She's very social and friendly even to strangers, but will take out her frying pan or wooden hammer if someone upsets her.

Although it may seem like Plum doesn't care about people's feelings considering she has a tendency to tease people about things very often and constantly avoids the "talks" about the problems and drama, she really does care. However, instead of taking the same path as everyone else where she could talk with people about their problems and try to comfort them, she just tries to help them keep smiles on their faces even when things don't seem to be going well, due to the fact that she was raised to always have hope and faith because "life contains pathways covered in storms, but you can always expect to find the rainbows along the way."

Despite her hate of depression, Plum's has plenty of drama of her own. Although she tries to stay happy and hopeful through any circumstances, she, like every human being, eventually finds sadness, which does get her down, even if it's only temporary. This usually occurs when concerning Kyr, considering she's always faced with the fear that one day he'll run away and he won't ever come back to her again.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Shirogane Kyr: Kyr is really the only true love of Plum's life. Before he came along, she wasn't really into the whole "falling in love" deal, believing that it was real, but it wasn't something that was for her. However, despite that they didn't get along so well when they had first met, eventually the two fell in love. Still, that wasn't exactly their happy ending. Because of Kyr's complicated past and feelings, he had the tendency to run away from Kokoro often, which always led to a broken-hearted Plum. But the drama these two faced didn't seem to ever be enough to truly tear them apart. Although there was a period of time where they had broken up, the two are back together at this time, and while they do need to spend more time together, they are engaged and will probably still be able to last quite a long time.
  • Bob Pushkaboomda: It's true that Plum never actually fell in love with her best friend, but there was a point in time, where she and Bob were meant to stay together. Because Plum never felt like she could ever have an acutal romantic relationship, she told Bob that in the future, they'd end up getting married, since they were best friends and would be together forever anyway. Bob was, of course, already in love with her, so he really didn't mind the idea. However, after she met Kyr, that idea was no longer likely, leaving Bob to never even get the chance to tell his best friend how he felt about her.
  • Cloud Strife: Despite the fact that he was about six years older than her at the time, during his brief visit to Kokoro, the hero of Final Fantasy VII actually developed feelings for Plum. In fact, she was already a Cloud "fangirl" to begin with anyhow, and had actually formed a strong liking to him upon meeting him, but her feelings never developed beyond that due to her loyalties towards her relationship with Kyr. Even so, she often messed around with Cloud, even having her own "Cloud materia" in which she used to make him appear whenever she wish. The two did seemed to have quite a closeness considering that it had been discovered that they actually married in some distant dimension and the two shared a kiss during a game of Truth or Dare. However, eventually Cloud disappeared back to his own world, and Plum hasn't heard of him since.
  • Shirogane Ryou: No, these two never had any "romance" occur between them, but due to Bob's big mouth, it was discovered that Plum had quite the crush on him back when she first arrived in Kokoro. However, Plum wasn't the lovey-dovey type, so it wasn't long before this idea went down the drain. Now, she just sees Ryou as her "pops" and just loves bugging him all the time. Although, they have kissed on several occastions either due to dares or because Ryou wants to freak her out. Either way, the latter always succeeds.
  • Hoshizen Daisuke: Again, another one where there was no romance, but Bob also revealed that Plum had a crush on him way back in the day, sometime before Kyr. However, there never have been many hints of anything between these two, as they barely ever interacted with one another except with how Plum constantly called him "Mr. Dude" and he referred to her as a "crazy lady".
  • Ai Ai Arisa: Plum's fanclub. She thinks they're cool, but doesn't seem to consider them romantically at all.


When it comes to family, Plum sees the whole Kokoro gang as being it. However, when it comes to family by blood, there isn't much there. Her father ran off when she was a child and she hasn't seen him since. Her mother was a big part of her life and influenced the way Plum is today, but she died in an accident when Plum was merely six years old. However, some years after arriving in Kokoro, Plum met Sarah Cohen, whom she thought was just Ryou's ex-girlfriend, but soon learned it was her older half-sister, through her father's side. She refers to her sister as "Cora" and teases her constantly for being "perfect", but still loves her nonetheless.


Really, Plum's friends with pretty much everyone she meets. However, she considers her two best friends to be Bob and Cherry. She's usually hanging out with Bob, forcing him to go along with any nutball plans she has, but every so often the trio end up in some whacked adventure trying to accomplish who-knows-what. Aside from that, she also annoys them quite often, bragging constantly about how she was the true matchmaker in getting her two best friends together.

Plum also hangs out a lot with Ryou and Gamu, otherwise known as "Mr. Ryou" and "Gam-Gam" to Plum. She bugs Ryou constantly about his emo-ness and his need to party more, but at the same time complains that he gets boring if he doesn't bring about any drama. As for Gamu, the two usually team up against meat-eaters in the cafe, but they still argue every so often on other matters. Despite their obviously different personalities, the two still seem to be quite close.

She also adventures often with Satou, whom she considers to be her sidekick, believing they are both superheroes ("Super Plum and Sat-Sat Girl") meant to save the world from evils. Of course, Plum considers many people to be her sidekicks including Bob and Cherry, along with Jisuko, her trusty pet starfish, who actually is said to write the scripts for Kokoro.


  • Name Translation: "Arisa" - Exalted, "Shi" - Warrior, "Mizu" - Water [Shimizu is also a city in Japan]
  • Alias: Mew Plum (Mew), Plum, Plumie, Plummeh, Hippie Girl, Arisa-chan
  • Signature Colors: Purple, sometimes silver
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: May 16, 2013
  • Zodiac: Taurus/Snake
  • Grade: High School graduate, also still a rookie mage at Hoshizen Academy
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Light Brown
  • Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Likes: Insanity, sugar, dancing, singing, karaoke, fun, adventures, parties, daisies, truth or dare, kittens, angels
  • Dislikes: Sanity, roses, depression, quietness
  • Fears: Mailman, pickles, Noisel, losing Kyr
  • Allergies: Roses
  • Favorite foods: Muffins, cookies, cake (anything with sugar)
  • Least favorite foods: Meat, poultry, fish (anything that used to live)
  • Favorite beverage: Pink Lemonade
  • Blood Type: B
  • Injection Mark: Unknown
  • Animal: Japanese Bobtail
Sumi image

Plum as Sumi, her cat form.


Being that she is a mew with the DNA of a cat, she, like most of the other mews, can transform into her animal. But instead of turning into an actual Japanese Bobtail, she actually just turns into just another regular house cat. Then again are purple cats considered regular? Either way, she doesn't turn into this form quite so often, but when she does, she's still the same ol' nut she is when she's human. The only difference here is that instead of a spunky teenage girl dancing to the macarena, you have a tiny cat doing so instead.

In this form, as said before, she looks just like a regular house cat, only that she's purple. She also has a red ribbon around her neck, which holds a tiny winged charm, possibly a symbol of her connection with Kyr. Also, while her cat form is named Sumi, no one has actually ever really referred to her by this name when she's in this form, and instead just continue to call her Plum.

While she does still act like herself when she's in this form, she's probably much more insane than she is when she's just human. You'll need all the luck you can get if you're gonna try to calm this kitty down. When wanting to go back into her human form, as with Ichigo, she'll need to kiss someone to transform back. It's a bit tricky, however, considering she refuses to kiss anyone who isn't Kyr.

Mew Mew InformationEdit


By shouting "Mew Mew Plum~ Metamorphosis!", Plum transforms into her mew form. Her outfit is a nice indigo color with the trims in a light purple. The top of Plum's dress is much like Ichigo's, except with straps. The bottom of her dress, though, is just like Mint's, with two small trianglular cuts. Arisa's leg band is on her left leg and she wears boots similar to Ichigo's.

Weapon and AttackEdit

Her weapon is called the Plum Harp, a small, purple hand-held harp, with music notes drawn along the handle. Plum's weapon is meant to represent how her mew form is in relation to music, as well as her two attacks.

  • Ribbon Plum Serenity: Plum plays her harp and uses the sounds of music to attack the enemy.
  • Ribbon Mystic Plum Melody: Almost the same as Plum Serenity, except this time, she uses her own voice with the music of the harp to attack the enemy.

Mage InformationEdit

  • Element: Time

Plum hadn't discovered the mage powers which she had until her sister (who is also a mage) made note of it to her. This powers, she inherited from her father--also a mage--though unlike the rest of her family, she doesn't have much of a talent when it comes to using her powers. As of now, she's still trying to practice the basics and has yet to recieve an actual weapon of her own. However, because of her relationship with Kyr, she practiced long and hard to at least develop teleporting abilities, though the only place she is able to teleport to is Chrono, and even then, she still can't seem to end up exactly where she wants to.


  • Transportation: It's weak, but while Plum often doesn't teleport where she wants to go around Kokoro, she has mastered it enough so that she has the ability to at least teleport to Chrono, although she doesn't seem to end up where she wants to there either.

Signature AttacksEdit

  • Holy Judgement: (Given by Ryou)
  • Haste: Using this, Plum can increase the speed of herself or one other ally.

Unison AttacksEdit

  • Time Vortex: Plum's Haste spell is combined with Ryou's Slow spell, thus causing the party's speed to go up, while that of the opponents is slowed down. ("Chronos, which limits all things. Flow forth! Time Vortex!")


  • Strengths: Speed, Evasion
  • Average: Defense, Recovery, Mentality
  • Weaknesses: Technique, Offense, Focus


  • Plum's first appearance was actually during the first episode of Kokoro under the name of Shimizu Aya. It's possible that Aya is an alternate from another dimension with the same wacky and unforgiving ineptitude with time travel that Plum has.
  • After the name Aya disappeared, she was known just as Plum until she finally recieved an actual name around summer of 2004.
  • Plum's appearance was based off her own dear authoress.
  • The name Arisa came from Arisa Uotani of Fruits Basket (Furuba).
  • The name Plum came from Plum/Sumomo of Chobits.
  • Plum's birthday is her authoress' birthday, as well.

Photo ReferencesEdit

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