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The city of Spoons is quite a busy one, though not very well known. Even less known is an old abandoned apartment building at the very edge of the city. No one quite remembers how long the building has been there, but no one has cared enough to find out. But times have changed since the days where the building stood alone without anyone to care for it. One night it had been there, beat down as it had always been--and then suddenly, the next morning, it was in better condition than it might have been when it had first been built so many years ago. Not a window was cracked and not a blade of grass was brown. There was no sign left that the building had even been abandoned.

That day, a sign also came up with words in giant black lettering: "ROOMS AVAILABLE". No prices were listed, nor any other information. However, whenever someone would walk up to the sign with curiousity, a man in a hat, wearing only a wife beater and underwear, would step out and say, "If you're looking for a room, name the price you're willing to pay."

A wealthy looking man, quite intrigued by the beauty of the building offered to pay over a thousand dollars for its best room. Without hesitation, the man in the hat refused. Surprised, the wealthy man offered over two thousand dollars. The man in the hat refused once more. With anger, the wealthy man stomped off, muttering how insane the man in the hat could have been for refusing such an offer.

Later that day, a young girl came by and examined the sign. Once again, the man in the hat appeared and said once more, "If you're looking for a room, name the price you're willing to pay."

The girl explained that she had no real job or source of money. Because she only had an internship at most, she was only getting paid a couple of dollars an hour, therefore she didn't expect to have enough for a room.

The man smiled and told her, "Work and study hard. At the end of the month, from whatever you have earned, you can give me a quarter of it for the room. The rest of it may go to food and any other necessary expenses."

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