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Sarah Cohen, whose real name is Shimizu Hana, is considered the "mary sue" of Kokoro (well, by her authoress, really). This is due to Sarah's ability to be pretty "perfect" in so many ways. She's a gorgeous, tall, blond, blue-eyed model whose had plenty of guys fall in love with her. She's majorly kind to anyone she speaks to and she's one of the smartest characters just below Ryou. She's also a lot stronger than most of the men at Cafe Mew Mew, being able to carry dozens of watermelons at once, and for some reason, she can withstand high amounts of heat. However, if you need something to freak this perfect girl out, just get her near a puddle or something filled with water.


Before KokoroEdit

Sarah's history is a complicated one. She was born as Shimizu Hana to Emily Cohen and Shimizu Hiroshi, although her father disappeared not long after she was born. Still, she grew up with her mother, all the while praticing magic which she had inherited from her father. At a young age, she metShimizu Sana, and her daughter, Arisa, whom she soon learned was her half-sister. However, upon the death of Sana, Arisa disappeared, and it would be a long time before Sarah saw her again.

At this time, Sarah's mother decided for the two to move to America where they could forget about their past life in Japan. It was here that she took up a new name, taking her mother's last name, and changing her first to Sarah (she thought it was pretty because it meant "princess"). She lived in Florida for a short while, becoming friends with Bob Pushkaboomda, though it wasn't long before she moved to New York. There, she met Shirogane Ryou and Roy Bancroft, and the three became an inseparable trio for years.

However, things weren't happy for long, and with the "death" of Ryou's parents, Ryou moved to Japan, leaving a heartbroken Sarah behind. Without much thought, she also moved away, not realizing that she had left poor Roy all by himself in America.

As for Sarah, despite having known where Ryou had gone to, she didn't return there so quickly. In fact, it would be about six years before she truly returned to her home country. Reasons for this are uncertain. Perhaps she didn't want to go to the place of her past or maybe she was afraid of what would happen when she saw Ryou again. Nonetheless, after years of traveling the world and taking up numerous identities, she finally returned to Japan, where she met up with Bob. However, she discovered that he had lost his job due to failing to divorce Shirogane Ryou and Ichigo, which left Sarah in a true shock, causing her to leave from Japan again.

But, once again, Sarah stood up some time later, and arrived at Cafe Mew Mew, where she met Ryou again, found her lost sister, Arisa, saw Bob once more, and eventually came across Roy. It was then she had finally decided she had found a place to stay in.

Kokoro DaysEdit

Sarah appeared in Kokoro one day when she met Plum (without telling her about their relation) and was brought into the café. She and Ryou met again, immediately recognizing one another from their pasts. However, Ichigo had not priorly been informed about Ryou having an ex-girlfriend and declared Sarah as her love rival. Despite some constant beliefs that Sarah had set out to take Ryou from her, the two eventually became close friends.

Not long after she had stumbled across Ryou, Sarah found Roy. With no mention of her sudden leave without saying goodbye, they were simply glad about meeting together once more, and it seemed as though the previously close trio of childhood friends had finally been reunited after so many years.

Still, Sarah was still in love with Ryou. But seeing that he was happy now with Ichigo, she made no move to break the two apart. However, when she confessed calmly to Ryou to get it off her chest, he suddenly lost sight of his own feelings and somehow began to consider that perhaps he had still been in love with her after all this time. Sarah, knowing that any feelings he would have would simply be from the faint memories of their past, helped Ryou to realize that his confusion might have only been caused by her confession and in fact, he really just loved Ichigo.

Deciding it was the best choice to move on from Ryou, Sarah began to slowly realize her longtime concealed feelings for Roy. However, being too shy and guilty as though she was just "jumping from one best friend to the next", she hesitated from revealing herself. This was, though, until Roy himself confessed his love. Despite being unsure of whether or not she could really make him happy, she told him she loved him and after so many years of struggling with their feelings, the two finally became a couple.

One day, Sarah told the mages of her sibling relationship with Plum, who had coincidentally overheard the conversation. It was a shock to all and definitely a disbelief, considering the lack of similarities the two shared. Still, both girls decided that it was time to try and repair the many lost years of sisterhood and for the time Plum lived in the café until she moved to Chrono, they shared a bedroom on the second floor.

As of now, Sarah has become a famous international model, appearing in pretty much every fashion magazine that comes in through the mail at the café. She doesn't show up at the café too often considering how much she already has to work to balance her career and her boyfriend. She does appear every so often on occasion, however, to check in on her sister, as well as Ryou, Ichigo, and the rest of the gang.

Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

It was never exactly confirmed, but supposedly Sarah married Roy in Kokoro Draft. Hmm.


Sarah really does that "girl next door" personality, which is exactly what she was to begin with. She's truly kind and hasn't been known to ever get angry (aside from one incident where she went into a rage and yelled at Ryou). She's not exactly shy, but she does tend to be quiet, and doesn't involve herself in any of the drama that occurs. Most of the time, Sarah's just that girl that tries to help people in any way she can, such as guiding Ryou whenever he's faced with some major issues (which is pretty much all the time, really).

Sarah's been called "perfect" on many occasions, due to the fact that she's meant to have that "mary sue" character in her. She's stronger than most girls-and guys-and can carry a dozen watermelons at once, although she tends to be clumsy and ends up dropping them all over the place anyway. She apparently can withstand large amounts of heat and can hold a pot of boiling water without the use of mittens.

Still, Sarah's downpoints are that: one, she's allergic to dust, so she's constantly cleaning the café more than she should, which really annoys people, and two, she has a fear of water, so the minute she sees a puddle of some sort, she'll immediately freak out. Also, it's best not to ever let Sarah get drunk or on sugar-high. JUST DON'T.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Shirogane Ryou: Although Sarah had met Ryou and Roy at the same time, Ryou was the first one to catch her eye. Despite being only nine years old, she fell in love with him and they had made a promise to get married when they grew older. However, Sarah's heart was broken when he left America and not long afterwards, she decided she would go to look for him. After five years of hesitation and thinking, she finally found him again in Japan. However, she had been too late; he was now with Ichigo. Though Sarah has finally been able to accept this, Sarah's feelings for Ryou are still there, though she has decided to keep them buried inside from now on.
  • Roy Bancroft: In truth, while she did have feelings for Ryou for most of her life, she always did love Roy nonetheless. However, because she felt that she had chose Ryou over him at one point, she felt guilty for hurting his feelings and felt she didn't deserve a second chance with him. Still, despite the fact that she had always known of his feelings for her, Roy eventually stood up and told her he loved her. At first, Sarah wasn't sure of what to do about this, because she didn't feel she deserved to be with him, but still, she kissed him (having a self-rule of only kissing someone she loved), showing that she did in fact return his feelings. Though they take their relationship slow, the two seem to be quite happy with each other at this point.
  • Bob Pushkaboomda: Before there was Ryou or Roy, Sarah met Bob Pushkaboomda when they were just small children. Eventually, they seperated, but met again years later in Japan where they developed a relationship together, although in truth, they were more of friends than being romantically involved. After hearing from Bob about how he failed to divorce a "Shirogane Ryou and Ichigo", Sarah disappeared yet again, not explaining to Bob what her reasons were. The two reunited when she arrived at Café Mew Mew, and kept their past relationship a secret, but still became good friends with one another.


Though she has never made an appearance in Kokoro, Emily Cohen is Sarah's mother. She's a rather ditzy woman, and is very similar to Sarah in both personality and appearance. She and Sarah were together for the majority of Sarah's life, until Sarah decided to go to Japan at around 16. Emily wanted to avoid returning to the country, and continued to travel while she let her daughter go to move into Cafe Mew Mew. The two still do keep in touch through telephone calls, and perhaps Sarah has teleported to visit her mother.

They met when they were very young, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that Sarah and Plum found out they were, in fact, siblings. They have a rather odd relationship where Sarah is often trying to look out for her sister, though Plum is often just teasing "Cora" for her relationship or for her "boring Mary-sue-type" personality. It's obvious the two do love each other though, and they often hang out together outside of the cafe.


Her childhood best friends were Ryou and Roy, and the close trio did pretty much everything together when they lived in America some years ago. Even now, the three are friends, where Sarah and Ryou often exchange advice and help one another in tough situations, while she and Roy often spend time together on dates, considered the two have finally admitted to their feelings for one another. As a trio, though, it has been a long time since they had the opportunity to hang out like in pasttimes, although Sarah wishes they could do so again sometime.

Sarah and Bob are also childhood friends, having known each other back when Sarah had temporarily lived in Florida. Even when the two had dated, they were more of good friends, and helped one another to keep from being alone when they were searching for something better in their lives. Even now, they don't spend time together as often as before, now being in their own relationships, but they are still pretty good friends.

Despite them having been "rivals" at one point, Sarah and Ichigo did eventually become close friends, and are probably each other's closest female friend. At first, Ichigo hesitated to hang around Sarah, especially due to almost having lost Ryou to her, but when she finally gave in, they realized they did have the potential to get along, and now often go shopping or to the movies together.


  • Name Translation: "Sarah" - Princess, "Cohen" - Unknown
  • Alias: Shimizu Hana (real name), Cora, Sarah-chan
  • Signature Colors: Burgundy
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: June 18, 1989
  • Zodiac: Gemini/Snake
  • Hair Color: Blond (was dyed light brown momentarily, before returning to being blond)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
  • Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
  • Likes: Cleaning, tea
  • Dislikes: Water, dust
  • Fears: Water, drowning
  • Allergies: Dust
  • Favorite foods: Watermelons
  • Least favorite foods: Ketchup
  • Favorite beverage: Hot Tea
  • Blood Type: A

Mage InformationEdit

  • Element: Time


  • Strengths: Defense, Recovery, Focus
  • Average: Offense, Technique, Mentality
  • Weaknesses: Speed, Evasion


  • Sarah was originally only supposed to appear for a single episode just as Ryou's ex-girlfriend, but ended up becoming a regular.
  • Sarah's habit of speaking correct grammar was actually unintended at first, but ended up just sticking.
  • Cohen was taken from the Cohen family from the TV drama, The O.C..
  • Yes, Sarah's mary-sue traits are done on purpose.
  • Sarah's birthday is actually the birthday of Ari's first big-time crush. :D

Photo ReferencesEdit

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