Pira Cavallo
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Pira Cavallo

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Kokoro, Sesenta Nove

Pira is Cannoli's sister, in the Kokoro world. A part of the Amparists, she serves as a spy, who gathers information on current events throughout the alien world as well as activity by the Returners. Though she never made too many appearances, she occasionally visited Cafe Mew Mew in order to provide her brother with updates on the situation going on back in their home. She also appears in Sesenta Nove as an intern for the local newspaper company, also having a side job as an information expert within the Sesenta Nove building.



Not much is known about Pira's past, except that she was raised alongside Cannoli and developed friendships with other aliens such as Sumiko and Kisshu. Though reasons are unknown, she chose to join the Amparists in the fight against the Returners and shows a strong dedication towards it, risking her life to work as a spy within the Returners' group.

Sesenta NoveEdit

Pira showed up at the Wilde Newspaper headquarters asking for a job one day. Surprised, the editor-in-chief told her they couldn't just give a job to such a young girl. Still, she begged and pleaded for them to give her anything they could. In the end, they allowed her to join them as an intern. The pay was low and her role would mostly involve running errands, but she was willing to take it. However, she gave no real information about why she wanted the job nor where she came from. She simply claimed that her parents had passed away and she needed a job in order to get by on her own. Whether this is even true or not is unknown. Still, this led the editor-in-chief to assume she had no home either and so he informed her of an old apartment building a friend of his had just fixed up and was reopening, thus leading her to move into Sesenta Nove.




Sesenta NoveEdit

Pira has quite an impressive way of being sneaky. Sometimes, she isn't even sure of how she does it, but often she finds herself in situations where she overhears and witnesses some of the most bizarre or unexpected things. And of course when you learn something interesting, it's always tempting to share it with someone--or the world. But Pira ain't no gossiper! Instead, she uses her knowledge of secrets to her advantage and sells it for a price. It's not always money, either. Clean her bathroom or do her laundry and she may be willing to give you the information she need. When she isn't doing business, she has quite a spunky attitude and willingness to meet and learn about new people--which on a positive side may be advantageous to her work later. Even so, she truly has a fascination with learning how to do new things, even though she has trouble with using even the simplest items. She has a reputation for breaking something everytime she tries to use her blender.


Sexual Orientation: Asexual, or so she claims to be. She's only willing to "form relations" with people if she can get something out of it.








  • Name Translation: "Pira" - unknown (I forgot where I even chose her name from)
  • Alias:
  • Signature Color: Pale Purple
  • Age: 16 (Kokoro) / 17 (Sesenta Nove)
  • Birthday: July 16
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Purple
  • Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
  • Weight: unknown
  • Likes: Lolita clothing, alien jellyfish, magic tricks, rainbows
  • Dislikes: Hand-to-hand combat
  • Fears: Unknown
  • Allergies: Unknown
  • Favorite foods: Tic tacs (if that counts as "food")
  • Least favorite foods: Cheese
  • Favorite beverage: Water
  • Blood Type: Unknown
  • Appearance: Despite being Cannoli's sister in Kokoro, other than the pitch-black hair and general facial features, she doesn't share too much in common with him otherwise. Though a small girl, she has wide brown eyes, which she hides with purple contacts for whatever reason (her eyes are natural in Kokoro verse). She tends to have a messy appearance, dressing up in different colored lolita-inspired clothing and combing her hair into a messy fashion. She tries to dress herself in ways that can help her in whatever she's seeking, knowing visual seduction can often allow her to get information out of people.

Alien InformationEdit

Nothing much is known about Pira's attacks, though she has once used a wind-based spell in the Cafe kitchen. Supposedly though, Pira has a large dislike towards hand-to-hand combat and prefers to simply rely on her stealth, speed, and disguise to sneak up on her enemies and gather information and develop strategy.


  • She's mainly inspired by the American-Japanese singer, Olivia Lufton.

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