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Noisel Ridley is Kokoro's whacked British nurse. She was first seen as Shimizu Arisa's determined nurse, and wasn't expected to be seen after that, but as shown up on several occasions at Cafe Mew Mew, only to cause havoc for a truly scared Plum.


Before KokoroEdit

Noisel doesn't exactly have the tragic past that most characters have. In fact, she lived a perfectly normal--and rich--childhood with both of her parents whom were well-known business owners in the grand city of London. Living the upper-class life, Noisel could have anything she ever wanted. However, one day, an incident changed her whole view on life.

One day as she was walking home from school, she came across a very sick man on the sidewalk. Apparently, he was homeless and no one seemed to be helping him. Scared and panicked, Noisel ran home immediately to call an ambulance, but by the time she returned to the man, he had passed on.

After that incident, Noisel decided to dedicate herself to medicine and healing the wounded. She took up medical school, studying for long, hard hours. Eventually, she became a full-fledged nurse.

Because she still wanted to study, Noisel chose to travel the world, transfering to different hospitals in order to gain more experience and learn new medical ideas in order to further her career. During a brief tranfer to New York, she worked for some weeks under Zachary Andrews, whom she grew to admire for both in his medical talent and his charm, even though she never had the chance to meet him directly.

However, because she was still being transferred from hospital to hospital, it would be a long time before she got to see Dr. Andrews once again. Even so, Noisel continued to study medicine, and eventually ended up in Japan.

Kokoro DaysEdit

When Plum became sick due to her "angel injection" incident, Noisel became her nurse. At first, she would just pop in on several occasions to check on her, but eventually, Noisel became attached to Plum's spunky, wild character and enjoyed hanging around her, although Plum became scared of her whenever she came near her with a needle or yucky medicine goo.

When Plum was released, Noisel decided to be her home nurse, and even though she's all cured now, Noisel still often bugs her about keeping healthy. Visiting the café often, Noisel also eventually met with Dr. Andrews once again, whom she often teams up with in order to get Arisa to take her medicine.

She recently got a recommended job transfer to a different hospital, which would mean quitting her job as Zach's assistant. Though the thought of leaving his side saddens her, she has actually considered taking the offer.

Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

Nothing here.


Despite the fact that she may be seen as scary upon first sight, Noisel truly does have a kind soul. Though she's a bit pushy when it comes to keeping people healthy, she only does it to assure that no one gets truly sick. She tends to be quite ditzy and ends up rambling for hours if one doesn't stop her, but her bright, cheery attitude keeps her going everyday.

She's a hard worker and when she sticks her mind to something, she doesn't stop until she goes through with it. She's a very determined woman, so it doesn't seem like poor Plum's gonna get rid of her anytime soon. She does have everyone's best intentions at heart though, so really, there's nothing to be scared of.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Zachary Andrews: Noisel had the opportunity to work with him on several occasions, eventually becoming his assistant nurse in Japan. In truth, she's developed a sort of "fangirl crush" on him, though he seems to remain completely oblivious of her feelings for him. She tends to overreact and worry about him more than she should, even when there's absolutely nothing wrong, but she doesn't mind doing so, believing it is her duty to stand by his side and assist him with anything he needs.


  • Name Translation: "Noisel" - Made-up name, "Ridley" - Unknown.
  • Alias: Noi-Noi, Mrs. Hyde (paired with Zachary's "Dr. Jekyll")
  • Signature Colors: Red
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: April 29, 1984
  • Zodiac: Taurus/Rooster
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
  • Weight: 55 kg (122 lbs)
  • Likes: Yoga, sailing, boats
  • Dislikes: Farms, diseases
  • Fears: Flying, farm animals
  • Allergies: Shrimp
  • Favorite foods: Bacon, Ramen
  • Least favorite foods: Seafood
  • Favorite beverage: Green Tea
  • Blood Type: AB


  • The name Noisel was made up from taking the word 'nurse' and just playing around with it.
  • Actually, originally, her name was Nuisel, but because her authoress is dumb and forgot, her name was misspelled and ending up staying that way.
  • She was supposed to be a rookie mage, but that was forgotten too.
  • Noisel was originally created just for Plum's dramatic plot in the hospital, and played as her nurse temporarily, but she ended up coming back, cause she's just cool like that.
  • Yes, NoiselxZachary rocks on.

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