Reira Noda

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Noda Reira

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thisisREVOLUTION, All the World's a Stage



It had all begun nine years ago when a group of rebels decided to devise an attack on the Easter company, just like Amu and her friends had chosen to do those years ago. The revolt was a failure resulted in the imprisonment of all seven rebels, along with major injuries and deaths amongst a minor group of innocent civilians accidentally caught up in the attack--one of those deaths was Reira's mother.

An unconfident frail man, Reira's father, facing the loss of his wife, did not have the strength to support him and his daughter, resulted in a struggling lifestyle. Three years later, a group of young men, said to have been Easter workers who had ways to help the poor man invest in a way to raise his standards of living. Without much thought, her father immediately agreed to invest all of his savings in order to find a way for him and his daughter to live happier lives once more.

However, the group of men turned out to be yet another group of rebels who were secretly tricking people out of their money in order to develop a fund to once again revolt against the Easter company. The men were caught before any attack could be carried out, but they simply faced minor punishments and the stolen money was not returned to the innocent civilians--leaving many families, along with Reira's, in complete debt.

The struggles she faced growing up led Reira to develop a strong hate in weaklings and schemers, vowing for a way to find order in the world to prevent things such as revolts and trickery. Her vow led her to training hard to become tough enough to make it to a high level, finding her way into the Spade Chair, where she hopes to set people into shape and correct the mistakes of deregulation and ignorance.


Reira tends to resort to violence a little too much. Having a strong dislike for weaklings, thanks to the trouble caused by her father's frail condition of self-confidence, and her extremely high standards for decent human beings, she takes it upon herself to punch out absolutely anyone--even if it were the Crown Chair himself. These violent actions are always predetermined by the loud cry of "BAKA!" every time someone says something ridiculous or offensive enough to hit a nerve.

She can be pretty clumsy, despite her proud attitude, due to the lack of balance caused by her high boots, which leads her to constantly falling down with almost every other step (which she tends to blame on others anyhow). In addition, she tends to lose things rather easily and is stuck in constant forgetfulness, never knowing where she puts her own head.

Reira has a complete dedication to developing order and if you manage to get her going about political organization, she'd possibly enter in her "speech mode" where she burns with excitement and uses her vibrant, loud voice to declare her vows of straightening out the world and honoring it with her leadership. However, with her mixed up mind, she ends up trying to use big words to add power to her speeches and just ends up using them incorrectly.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (claimed Asexual)








  • Name Translation:
  • Alias: Noodle
  • Signature Color:
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: December 17
  • Zodiac:
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Light Brown
  • Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
  • Weight:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Fears:
  • Allergies:
  • Favorite foods:
  • Least favorite foods:
  • Favorite beverage:
  • Blood Type:
  • Appearance: Because of her constant reflex of beating up on anyone who pisses her off, Reira's always pretty much looking like a mess. She makes attempts at combing out her long brown hair, but there's usually loose strands sticking out everywhere that she can't seem to control.

Because she can't afford much clothes, she tends to wear her school uniform eighty percent of the time, which constantly remains in wrinkles, without being tucked in. She does seem to have a secret interest in knitting and hence creates lolita-inspired clothing for herself with whatever fabric she can manage to get her hands on.

One thing she does pretty much wear all the time are her knee-high boots, for many reasons--one, being to bring an illusion to her being tall despite her 5'2" height, and two, to increase the pain whenever she can't resist the urge to kick someone in the face.

Chara InformationEdit

  • Chara Name: Olivia
  • Appearance: Olivia's hair is worn in a perfect ponytail without a single hair out of place. She wears a uniform--displaying her desire for order and conformity--that, unlike Reira's uniform, is perfectly tucked in and smoothly ironed. The main difference between her and Reira would be that instead of the knee-high boots, Olivia wears simple black dress shoes.
  • Personality: In contrast to Reira's messy character, Olivia is a sheer perfectionist and takes no chance in hiding that fact. Whenever something is not in complete perfect condition, she lets out a vivid cry and develops a panic attack until that something is fixed into its proper form. This affects Reira's chara change, which consists of automatically having her clothes and hair straighten out like Olivia's with a dying will (hurrrrr) to fix any imperfections within her power. Otherwise, though, Olivia is quite calm and often tries to get the young wild girl to relax her anger sometimes.
  • Weapon: A whip. Yes. Whip.
  • Words: unknown
  • Techniques: unknown
  • Egg: The top half is white, whereas the bottom is colored black. The black portion consists of unique twirls and designs while the white portion contains perfectly straight lines and markings.



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