Akira Niwa

Full Name:

Niwa Akira

Years Active:


Associated RPs:

All the World's a Stage, Sesenta Nove



Akira comes from a family of mixed nationalities--having grandparents from France, Ireland, Italy, and Japan. Because of this, he's had a talent of being able to voice different accents and dialects, eventually understanding a multiple number of cultures. Due to this, Akira grew up being able to act out different characters quite easily, forming a love for the theatre, which he is now attending college to study. Aiming for broadway or the big screen--whichever opportunity he gets first--he has been working in different local theatres while balancing money troubles and is currently staying at Sesenta Nove apartments due to its low-priced but well-cared rooms.


Akira has a bit of a loud personality. He's quite energetic and often has trouble with trying to keep silent. Because he grew up in a family of different cultures, he's developed a love for humanity and tends to immediately develop a liking for anyone he meets. He has a talent for acting and can switch personalities in an instant for a role, no matter how comical or serious. He can be a tad bit stubborn and greedy at times, often wanting things for himself. Whenever he gets attached to people, he often has trouble letting them go (in a literal sense) and being away from them. Often times, he's like a puppy--even if his "owner" were to scold or upset him, he'll most likely forget all about the next time he sees them and pounce happily.

Even though he loves pretty much everybody, he has a higher preference for the male body. Although he's had plenty of experiences with women in the past, he always ends up complaining that "straight sex always focuses its attention more on the female body" and prefers if there's a more balanced spotlight on both partners.


Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


  • Mio Jenson: ...
  • Ren Ikeda: ...






  • Name Translation: "Akira" - ?, "Niwa" - ?
  • Alias:
  • Signature Color: Brown, Orange
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: April 18
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Likes: Nudity, Theatre, Different cultures
  • Dislikes: Clothes
  • Fears:
  • Allergies:
  • Favorite foods:
  • Least favorite foods:
  • Favorite beverage:
  • Blood Type: B
  • Appearance: He has the light hair color of a Frenchman, the soft hair texture of a Japanese, along with the beautiful face of an Italian, but has the loud energetic personality of an Irishman--unique mixed features which allow him to land roles quite easily. Still, he does eventually get threats of being fired from work because of his nudist tendencies. Loving the beauty of the human body, he often prefers not to wear clothes, always wandering naked in his apartment since no one can complain to him there. Still, when he has to, he wears clothes that can be easily taken off, never wearing too many layers except when he has to. He does own a knitted cap that he really likes and is willing to wear often, even when naked.



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