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Cannoli happens to be an alien. Yes, that's right. A member of the Amparists, a group of guardian soldiers, he was sent to Cafe Mew Mew to protect the girls against the Returners, an enemy group from his home planet. He's quite the flirt, who likes the cafe for the variety of girls found there, but he seems to have made it a goal to win over the "feisty" Kiki Gamu. He seems to be very fascinated with the world around him, being quite the photographer and a pretty decent cook.


Before KokoroEdit

Cannoli was born in the alien planet, which was then under the leadership of Deep Blue. As a child, he had formed strong friendships with Kisshu and Sumiko, eventually falling in love with Sumiko. It was only together that the children could survive the harshness of life on their planet which seemed to have lacked life and color.

Sumiko, who had been in love with Hiroshi, finally accepted Cannoli's feelings for her when Hiroshi disappeared. However, it wasn't hard for Cannoli to see how unhappy she was, missing Hiroshi. Therefore, he took it upon himself to try to get her to leave him so she could find and be with the one she truly loved. Covering up her sadness with smiles, Sumiko insisted she was happy with Cannoli and refused to leave him on "silly assumptions". It was at this time that Cannoli seeked the help of Brix, a girl who had confessed her feelings for him countless times.

Cannoli and Brix performed their pact of "love", which resulted in the formation of matching symbols on their backs which represented their newly unbreakable marriage. Showing the symbol to Sumiko, it was enough to convince her to leave his side and search for her true love. He had succeeded with his goal, but now he was eternally bonded to a girl he didn't love.

It wasn't long until Deep Blue proclaimed his plans to get back Earth, a planet he insisted had once belonged to them but was now infested with filthy humans. However, the mew mews defeated Deep Blue and his corrupted ideas were exposed to the citizens of their planet, resulting in the beginning of the Alien Civil War.

Cannoli lost sight of Brix after an attack on those loyal to Deep Blue and soon enough, the Amparists were formed to restore peace to the alien planet. Joining up with the group, along with Kisshu and the now-returned Sumiko, as well as his sister, Pira, Cannoli now took up the responsibility of helping to bring order back to his home planet. It was at this time, giving up on love, that Cannoli followed Kisshu's ideas of casual, fun relationships, temporarily getting involved with Praline.

When the mysterious rebel group, the Returners, formed, recruiting hundreds of members, the Amparists began to fight against them to prevent the ideas of Deep Blue to rise again. When it was discovered that the humans, allies of the Amparists, were being targeted, Cannoli and Sumiko were sent to Earth to protect they and the mews from being attacked by the Returners.

Kokoro DaysEdit

Cannoli appeared in Kokoro one day, explaining how due to chaos occuring in his home, he was sent to Cafe Mew Mew to protect the mews. At first, it seemed as though no one really liked the guy, considering his first impression was being too flirty and straight-forward with the females, hitting on Ichigo, Gamu, and even Elizabeth Shirogane. Despite no one's liking towards him, he was still allowed to stay in the cafe, where he started to live for a while, sleeping on the roof every night.

Because of his unfamilarity with the world, Cannoli began to attempt to learn more of the culture, and is attempting to learn how to read and write--something Ichigo is teaching him--seeing as how that is a very important part of everyday life on Earth. Because he's becoming more accepted into the circle, people like Ryou are slightly helping him learn more of the ways of Kokoro.

Having stayed in Kokoro for about three months and with no sign of any danger in the area, Cannoli sensed it was time to return back to his planet to help fight in the war. Because of a distortion in the teleportation system of the aliens possibly caused by the enemies, Cannoli had to wait the distortion to weaken for him to go back. However, he knew once he teleported over there, it would probably be some time before he had the opportunity to return to Kokoro--if he ever got the chance.

Eventually, Cannoli reappeared suddenly back in the midst of a battle with Ryou, Ichigo, and Gamu against Praline. At the sight of him, Praline immediately went back to her world, having some fear of the alien. He has announced that since the Returners seem to have finally made their arrival to Earth, he has returned to once again try to protect everyone, filled with regret that he left and wasn't there when the Returners first arrived.

Once again, the teleportation system to the alien world is constantly being distorted, causing Cannoli trouble to check back with the situation at home. With still no word of further appearances by the Returners, Cannoli remains worried over his sister and his friends back home, as he continues to wonder who, besides Praline, could be their enemy.

Recently, a mark on Cannoli's back, first revealed to Forte, has begun to cause him occasional pain. Cannoli doesn't seem to have any idea of why it sometimes burns, but refrains from telling another else about it. An accidental encounter in the shower caused Gamu to catch a peek of the mark, but Cannoli said nothing about it, saying it was "something like some alien ritual thing".

Cannoli is also continuing to struggle with his love life. Though Sumiko isn't around, he has been struggling with figuring out exactly what his feelings are for Gamu. Though he turned his turtle plushie, Kiko, into an alive pet chimera and adopted it as their "son", he's still convinced that it's all just for teasing and fun and that there's no real "love" there. But after a conversation with Jonatha, it appears as though he can't really deny his feelings for Gamu anymore.

After Brix's meeting with Gamu, Cannoli's past began to slowly uncover. He revealed to Jonatha the truth about his marriage to Brix and the reasons he couldn't do anything about his feelings for Gamu, all of which was overheard by Gamu herself, as well as Satou. That night, regretting that he had only made things even more complicated for both of their situations, he apologized to Gamu for having fallen in love with her.

Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

None available.


As soon as he popped up, he was recognized as a complete flirt. Basically, he tends to have a strong attraction towards girls and he doesn't keep his attention focused for very long when one shows up in the room. However, he does have some decency in the sense that he doesn't chase after girls who are already in relationships, plus he isn't as big of a pervert as many of the other boys in Kokoro.

He may seem like he only has a one-track mind, but really, he's not the most selfish being in the world either. He knows his boundaries and he isn't as persistent as one may think. Despite the fact that he doesn't know a lot about Earth and its ways, he's smart when it comes to the inner mind, such as feelings and emotions, though really, it's a mystery how he's so understandable on these things. Even so, people still tend to ignore him, not being able to take the guy seriously.

Cannoli also gets extremely fascinated by things very easily, especially with things he hears about for the first time. He's shown quite a fascination with nature, becoming in love with rain and lightning, and also loves to sleep on the café's roof, to watch the stars at night.

According to his sister, Cannoli often enters the "Mode", in which he loses his usual cool and goes on to do something completely reckless based on his emotions, changing from his usual attitude where he plans strategies out and thinks things through.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Kiki Reikaira: It's no secret that Cannoli has some interest in Gamu, even if she threw him into the wall within fifteen seconds of meeting him. He seems to try talking to her a lot, although she usually just gets annoyed and does her best to ignore him. Whenever asked why he bugs her, he answers simply that he wants to get to know her and explains with no further detail. Also, despite the fact that she hates the boy, he still offers his advice to her, which she usually chooses to not follow. He insists upon referring to her by her last name, which is odd as he never does it to anyone else. The two also seem to have a "son", or so Cannoli claims, named Kiko, which is just a cute little turtle plushie which he brought to life by turning it into a chimera anima. At this time, Cannoli, having realized his feelings, had finally confessed his love to her.
  • Sumiko: On several occasions, Cannoli mentioned having been heartbroken once before. Eventually, he revealed that the girl was none other than Sumiko, the alien who accompanied him to Cafe Mew Mew. Cannoli and Sumiko had developed a close friendship, which eventually led to a one-sided love on Cannoli's part, considering Sumiko had undeniable feelings for Hiroshi. Later, when Hiroshi disappeared, Sumiko eventually accepted Cannoli's feelings and the two formed a romantic relationship. However, Sumiko never could develop her own feelings for him. When Cannoli made his pact with Brix, she left, but eventually did come back and she and Cannoli became partners just as they had been once before.
  • Praline: One of the Returners. Apparently, she and Cannoli had some sort of minor relationship in the past and apparently Cannoli had been the one who actually taught her how to fight. Now they are enemies, and knowing his strength, while also still hating him for ending their relationship, she tends to try to avoid him when she can.
  • Brix: Back on their planet, while Cannoli was distracted with Sumiko, Brix had developed feelings for the boy and didn't hesitate to remind him of it countless times. Despite insisting that he couldn't return her feelings, Cannoli ended up looking to Brix for help on getting Sumiko to leave him to find Hiroshi. The two formed a pact of marriage, which in the alien culture, creates matching marks on their backs, representing an unbreakable bond. This successfully led Sumiko to leave, but Cannoli had dug himself into a corner, becoming married and eternally bonded to someone he didn't love. However, not long after this incident, the civil war on the alien planet broke out. In the midst of a battle, Brix was severely injured and disappeared. However, Cannoli believed her to be dead and joined the Amparists in order to avenge her supposed death. It wasn't until the Returners were formed, with Brix as their leader, that Cannoli and Brix's fates would connect once more.


One day, Pira appeared in Kokoro, looking for Cannoli, claiming to be his little sister. Not much is known about their relationship, however, although it seems that they have that typical love-hate sibling relationship. Pira often refers to her brother as a total idiot, but seems to care much about him, often worrying whenever he's off on a mission and telling Gamu he's the "most honest alien anyone can meet". As for Cannoli, he also claims his sister's quite annoying but thinks of her as the best spy on their planet and is constantly trying to get in contact with their world everyday just to check up on her.


In the alien dimension, Cannoli was quite a popular guy, especially with the girls. He did have a couple of close friends though, including Kisshu, who he shares a bit of similarities with personality-wise. Their close friendship is probably how Cannoli turned out the way he is, with her flirtatious nature (or possibly vice versa). Cannoli's also shared that he's been close to Sumiko since a very young age, though surprisingly, they have never been seen together often in the cafe. This is probably due to an awkward tension, considering Cannoli's past unrequited feelings for her.

Arriving in Tokyo, Cannoli didn't exactly give the best first impression, but eventually, some of the cafe residents began to give him a second chance. He seems to get along well with Ryou, whom he's had a couple of deep talks with, especially on Gamu, and who's helped him quite often in understanding Earth a bit more. Plum often takes advantage of the lack of knowledge he has concerning this planet, and attempts to teach him her ways and views on things, though Cannoli, luckily, hasn't been fully corrupted into it.

Cannoli and Ichigo have somewhat of a good friendship, as well. Despite his attempts to flirt with her upon his first arrival, she's ended up looking to him as a friend, having trusted him enough to look after her robot baby, Libby, for some time, so she in turn, tries to help him around the town. Another resident would be Kocha, who seems to like him the most out of everyone, often clinging to him and going on and on about how nice he is (though who doesn't she do that to?).

And of course, there's Gamu, who Cannoli seems to hang around the most, mainly because he enjoys being able to annoy her constantly, though the result is often him getting quite a whack to the head. Still, she has opened up to him quite a few times, despite for her strong dislike towards him, and so, with his metaphorical speeches, he offers advice to her. In the sense, an actual friendship between these two could end up being possible.

Cannoli also seems to have formed some sort of friendship with Jonatha. After she had immediately realized his feelings for Gamu, she was the first that he somehow felt comfortable with telling his entire true past to. Despite not really knowing each other all too well, the two seem to already be getting along quite well.


  • Name Translation: "Cannoli" - fried pastry roll
  • Alias: Stalker Boy, Mr. Honey, Canopy, Ravioli, Cannoli-san, Cannoli-kun
  • Signature Color: Teal
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: December 17
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Teal
  • Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
  • Weight: unknown
  • Likes: Girls, tofu, rain, nature, roofs, cooking, photography
  • Dislikes: Drama, being told things more than once
  • Fears: Unknown
  • Allergies: Unknown
  • Favorite foods: Tofu, peanut butter, hot sauce
  • Least favorite foods: Chicken
  • Favorite beverage: Coffee
  • Blood Type: Unknown
  • Appearance: Being an alien, Cannoli has the typical pointy ears of the species, though they're usually covered by his fairly semi-long black hair. With his other features, you could pretty much easily mistaken him for a real human, especially considering that he hasn't been seen wearing the known alien-type attire. Instead he wears a white polo t-shirt, with a black jean jacket that he has on about ninety percent of the time. He also has on normal black jeans with black sneakers that feature a tiny yellow star on the sides of each. He's a pretty tall guy, with teal eyes and a small nose, and doesn't look like he's at all heavy, though his actual weight is unknown.

Alien InformationEdit

Cannoli's attacks as an alien are unknown now, seeing as how no one has seen him fight in an actual battle yet. However, as an alien, he does have the ability to fly, as well as teleport, though he only does so when he needs to get back to his planet, and usually just walks to get his way around Earth. He may also have the ability to call Chimera Anima.

When Cannoli appeared in the battle against Praline, it was revealed that whatever his attacks are, they seem to be water-based. One of his attacks seems to create a shield around his allies.


  • He's Kokoro's very own Zelos! :D
  • Cannoli was created for the sake of his authoress wanting another alien and another male (poor Bob isn't a pimp anymore :/).
  • I'm beginning to think he's Kokoro's version of Yuki, an alien from the Mew Girls forum who was really close to Sumiko. Cannoli's a better name than Yuki. :3

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