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Bob Pushkaboomda first appeared in Kokoro as the lawyer who went through every attempt to divorce Ryou and Ichigo. However, he failed to do so, therefore he lost his job and somehow ended up living at Cafe Mew Mew, where he still lives to this day, sitting in the sink, eating lasagna, and watching Disney movies. He's best friends with Shimizu Arisa, dating Murahara Sakura, and is the new bishounen around who's biggest fear above all else is the fangirl mob. However, considering he had countlessly complained about wanting to be a bigger bishounen than Ryou, that is what he gets.


Before KokoroEdit

Bob was a happy kid for the early part of his childhood. He had his two parents, his older brother, Lucas, his older sister, Emma, and his twin sister, Allie. He was extremely attached to Emma, and spent most of his time following her around and playing games with her. Despite being much older than him, Emma never minded all of the time they spent together. She was also the one who always encouraged Bob to follow his dream of playing guitar, instead of becoming a lawyer like the rest of the family. However, there came a time where things were no longer so happy.

Eventually, Emma died at the young age of 16, which broked apart the Pushkaboomda family. Lucas had run away years before, his mother grew sick and was almost on the brink of insanity from the loss of her two children, and his father looked at no one besides his wife. Feeling that there was never else to do, Bob ran away from home.

Somehow or other, Bob ended up moving to Japan where he began to study law. He left his childhood completely behind and began growing up way too fast, becoming a simple, mature, and serious teenage boy. Eventually he met with Sarah Cohen who had been a brief friend of his back in America, and the two formed a close friendship (they say they had dated, but in truth, they never really had a romance form between them). However, eventually, Sarah disappeared, leaving Bob alone yet again.

Of course, things had already begun to change when Bob recieved a case to divorce Shirogane Ryou and his "wife", Ichigo.

Kokoro DaysEdit

Bob first appeared as a unnamed lawyer, called up by Ryou and Ichigo during one of their numerous fights in which Ichigo requests a divorce. However, because Ryou keeps denying to go through with it, Bob is left with his career in their hands, watching and hoping that they just give up already. In the end, the two stay together and for that reason, Bob fails to get the divorce through and hence loses his job.

After this incident, Bob disappeared from Kokoro for a while, but reappeared when called up once again during a court case in which Ichigo accused Ryou of cheating on her, although Bob was pretty much ignored throughout this whole event anyway. Because he was seen as an evil man for countlessly trying to divorce the couple, he was hated by all of the Kokoro girls and was constantly being tied up and beaten. However, eventually he was treated kindly by Plum, and as he became best friends with her, he also fell in love.

Bob ended up becoming a part of the Kokoro team, although he usually stood aside and didn't involve himself in the whole mess, unless Plum happened to drag him into it (it wasn't as though anyone really liked him anyone). Eventually though, people began developing quite a liking towards Bob and soon enough girls were constantly following him around, teasing him for his name, and making fun of his liking towards sleeping in the sink.

Although he was originally thought to end up marrying Plum someday, he became quite depressed when she began dating Shirogane Kyr, and began constantly whining about not having a girlfriend. Soon enough, he and Cherry began dating. Even so, Bob was still envious of the fact that Ryou was the top bishounen in Kokoro, and complained that girls didn't seem to care for him so much. But apparently when Bob complains, Bob gets, and eventually after quitting his job as a lawyer (for the hundredth time), he became a law teacher at Cherry's school and soon enough, fangirls were chasing him all throughout the city.

One day, Bob revealed that he had made a promise to his family that he had only been allowed to study in Japan if he had promised to return by the time he turned 16. Some time before his birthday, he had chosen to leave earlier than he had to, due to the fact that he felt it might be harder for him to say goodbye later. The day of his flight, both Plum and Cherry attempted to chase him down to keep him from leaving (although Cherry was really dragged into it), but he ended up leaving anyway.

However, several days later, Bob reappeared at the café, saying that he had felt he had found a home with everyone here and really didn't want to leave. When asked about the promise with his family, he reveals that he was allowed to stay on the condition that they move to a place nearby the café in order to live close to him.

As of now, Bob still lives in the café, quite peacefully, although now he's forced to share a room with his sister, Allie, who eventually showed up and claimed she was staying. Still, he says his quite happy, having a good un-dramafied relationship with his girlfriend, and still being dragged around by Plum on random adventures (which he claims to hate, but secretly, one knows he enjoys it oh so much).

Bob has returned to being a lawyer, where he often gets assistance from Cherry around the office. He also assisted Ryou with obtaining a marriage license.

Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

At the beginning, he was thought to marry Plum, but soon enough things changed, and so did the future in Kokoro Draft. In this future, Bob marrys his current girlfriend, Cherry, and the two have a daughter, Kaoru Pushkaboomda. Also in this future, Bob seems to be a big-time lawyer and an extremely top-rated bishounen, alongside his silent rival, Ryou.


At first, Bob came off as a jerk. It was no surprise either considering he only seemed to care about himself, pretty much hating everyone he had met in Kokoro. Eventually though, spending much time with Plum, he was able to open up and show his true colors.

Bob's just one of those people who just try to live their life as normal as they can. He doesn't make a big deal out of anything that might bring about drama and all the boy really wants is some peace in his life. He hates living in a world of insanity, and while he's become used to it, he attempts to remain as sane as he possibly can.

He gets annoyed very easily, especially by wild girls like Plum or Shirogane Masume. But if people treat him kindly, he treats them just the same. However, Bob still becomes quite the grouch sometimes, and if someone talks to him while he's upset, then he'll probably get all raged up and yell. Still, Bob has a good heart, and he does care about people, even if it may not show too easily.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Shimizu Arisa: Arriving in Kokoro, Bob was just a big ol' grouch, who hated the world and everybody in it (yes, I exaggerate, so what?). However, there was one person whom he soon became connected to. Plum was the only one of the group who actually began being nice to the boy, and eventually the two became best friends. And upon watching her perform karaoke, singing along to "I Will Survive", he fell in love. However, she had always been oblivious to his feelings and didn't even realize how he had become heartbroken when she formed a relationship with Kyr. After that incident, Bob never mentioned his feelings for her again, so no one really knows when or whether his feelings for her disappeared.
  • Murahara Sakura: After the whole incident with Plum, Bob stayed out of the whole relationship thing with everybody. But eventually, he began whining about being single, along with Murahara Sakura. Seeing these two complain about the same thing, Arisa developed the idea of setting the two up together. Though they had gotten along prior to this, once Plum informed them of her idea, they began to grow dislike towards one another. Still, eventually, the two realized they did care about each other and eventually began to date due to their own developed feelings and not Plum's apparent "matchmaking skills".
  • Sarah Cohen: Before dating Cherry, Bob insisted that he had never had a girlfriend before in his life, but then one day, his parents appeared at the cafe for a visit, and immediately recognized Sarah Cohen, revealing that she and Bob had dated a few years back. After a moment of shock from everyone (and Ryou's complaints towards Bob stealing his childhood friend), Bob revealed that before Sarah went to America and met Ryou, she had lived in Florida for a short time with Bob and his family, before moving away shortly. However, years later, when Bob was working in Japan as a lawyer, they met once again and began "dating", although it was more of a close friendship than anything. Eventually, Sarah left again, and the two saw each other once more when Sarah showed up at the cafe. Bob learned of how she dated Ryou in the past and the two chose to keep their past relationship a secret to avoid complications. Now the two are simple friends with no romantic feelings whatsoever.
  • Shirogane Ichigo: It was quite a shock when Bob admitted to having had liked Ichigo a bit back when he first moved to the cafe. At first, he couldn't stand the limitless mushyworks with her and Ryou, but did eventually find her to be cute. However, he didn't bother with these feelings because of her and Ryou being together and eventually even forgot he had liked her to begin with. Surprisingly, the two do seem to be good friends out of the cafe and have bonded countless times, even going shopping together on several occasions.
  • Bubblegum Redtree: No relationship between these two had ever formed, but Plum did reveal one day that back in the early days of Kokoro, Bob did have a slight crush on her. However, in truth, he had just thought she was cute, considering he didn't really know her, and had just said he liked her in order to hide his feelings for Plum.


Bob comes from a family of pure-blood Americans. His parents represent those from a clichéd American family, his father being the hard-working husband who looks to his family first, and his mother being the spirited house-mom that every kid is embarassed to have. Then there are his siblings, Lucas, the 24-year old prodigal son who ran off as a rebel and reappeared as a changed man, with his own wife and children, Emma, who passed away years ago at a young age, and of course, his twin sister, Allie.

Bob has never really talked about the rest of his family, other than the fact that the Pushkaboomda is surprisingly quite big. It was discovered, however, that Plum actually knew Bob's grandfather, who owned a plumbing company in Japan, which he passed on to Plum when he passed away, along with most of his money.


Bob is usually sulking in his sink about being unloved, but in truth, Bob does have a lot of friends in the cafe. There is, of course, Plum, who since his arrival from the beginning has been his best friend, dragging him around on the most random adventures, and Cherry, who, before they started dating, he had conversed with on many occasions. Then there's Masume, who he says he's scared of, but in fact, he had spent a lot of time with her back in the day. He's also been said to hang out with other girls, such as Sarah and Ichigo. He doesn't seem to converse with the males of Kokoro too much, other than his occasional anger rants towards Ryou.


  • Name Translation: "Bob" - Bright Fame [Pushkaboomda is an original made-up name]
  • Name Pronunciation: Bob Poosh-kah-boom-dah
  • Alias: Bobby, Bob-o, King of Nocab
  • Signature Colors: Dark Blue
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: March 14, 1990
  • Zodiac: Pisces/Horse
  • Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
  • Weight: 64 kg (142 lbs)
  • Likes: Sinks, Disney movies, pasta, sanity, peace, suits, music, guitars
  • Dislikes: Fangirls, tofu, insanity
  • Fears: Fangirls, Masume
  • Allergies: None
  • Favorite foods: Lasagna, all sorts of pasta, Chinese food
  • Least favorite foods: Tofu
  • Favorite beverage: Orange Soda
  • Blood Type: O
  • Injection Mark: Right Shoulder
  • Animal: Specifics Unknown (Cat)

Bob as Pubo, his cat form.


As much as he may be in denial of the fact, Bob's a gijinka. It happened years ago due to Plum's tendency to mess with anything belonging to Ryou, when she dragged Bob down into the Shirogane lab. After messing around with things, somehow Plum accidently stuck a needle in Bob's shoulder, and before he knew it, he had transformed into a small shiny blue cat.

Although he's thankful he didn't turn into a mew, he still hates the fact that he's been categorized in with all the "magical" and "injected" people, instead of remaining a regular average human. The few times Bob has transformed into a cat, no one has ever seen the reason for the transformation, and Bob doesn't say much about it either, so the reasons for transformation is unknown. As for transforming back, apparently eating a sugary treat can help him transform back, although a kiss works just as well (could it be because both are sweet, who knows?).


  • The original Bob Pushkaboomda, a candidate for president, was a character created during a chat prank. When needing to name the character of the ex-lawyer later, we went back and chose Bob Pushkaboomda (as suggested by my oldest dearest RPing buddy, Cherry).
  • Bob tends to say "oro?" when he's confused (a phrase taken from Rurouni Kenshin).
  • While Ryou is the male character who has been liked by the most females, Bob is probably the male character who has liked the most females.
  • Bob has had some sort of feelings for (in this order): Sarah Cohen, Shimizu Arisa, Shirogane Ichigo, Bubblegum Redtree and Murahara Sakura.
  • Bob's birthday came from the birthday of one of Ari's ex-best friends.

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