BL Academy

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It wasn’t dark, nor was it a stormy night. It was actually an absolutely ordinary day, with sunshine and cloudy skies and only just the right amount of wind. Blake Levingston Academy stood perfectly in the center of the area. It pretty much gleamed, as a matter of fact.

As BL Academy shone in all its radiance, people began entering it. It’s a school. That’s what you do when you go to school. Duh.

Yes, people attended BL Academy. But unlike the day, these people were anything but ordinary. They were extraordinarily hot! Yes, all the students attending BL Academy were cute boys, thus prompting jokes about “Boy Love Academy.”

Not that these accusations were entirely false, however.

Anyway, this is a RPG dedicated to guys going to school at an all-male boarding school in pretty much the middle of nowhere and their crazy adventures as they struggle their way through their high school years.

But these aren’t just ANY guys.

Featured CharactersEdit

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