Alyssa "Allie" Pushkaboomda

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Alyssa Pushkaboomda

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Kokoro, Kingdom Chronicle

Allie Pushkaboomda appeared in Kokoro one day, introducing herself as Bob's twin sister. She doesn't hang around the others often, and is usually in her own world, only popping up when she's caught stealing food from Cafe Mew Mew's fridge. However, for a price, she is willing to offer some of her actually-useful advice to anyone that asks.


Before KokoroEdit

The Pushkaboomda family have always been quite an odd one. Allie is the youngest of her siblings, the oldest being Lucas, 28, who now lives who-knows-where with his wife and their two newborns, the second oldest was Emma, who would have now been 26, and then there is Allie's twin brother, Bob, who like she, is 20.

As a child, Allie always looked up to her siblings. She had really loved Lucas, and even when he abandoned the family and left when he was 17, she was always sure that he'd come back. And like Bob, she was very fond of Emma. When Emma passed away at 16, it broke Allie's heart, though not as much as it had affected Bob's. And after that incident, the whole Pushkaboomda family fell apart.

Immediately after the funeral, Bob ran away from her, leaving just as his brother did. Allie was the only child left in their home, but because her parents were still torn apart by Emma's death, they paid no attention to her, making Allie feel completely alone. Because she felt like she no longer had a family, Allie left to England, at 11, to study abroad.

Both she and Bob had never wanted to continue the family's generations of lawyers. Instead, Allie wanted to be an actress, while Bob wanted to be a famous guitarist. Bob gave up that dream when he left, and became a lawyer anyway, believing he couldn't do it without Emma around. However, Allie took up acting in England, not wanting to follow the Pushkaboomda family any longer.

When she was 15, Allie arrived at Cafe Mew Mew to see the brother she had not seen in five years. She ended up moving in with him, saying she was "taking a break" from school, although in truth, she had been kicked out of the school in England for unknown reasons, though fails to mention it to her family.

As of now, she is spending time with her brother again, and is speaking to her parents once more. Lucas has also gone back in touch with them when he called them up to tell them they now had a niece (and later a nephew). So, while the Pushkaboomda family had been a mess for quite some time, slowly, it is repairing itself at this moment.

Kokoro DaysEdit


Kokoro Draft FutureEdit

None available.


It's difficult to truly describe Allie's personality, considering she does seem to be filled with surprises. The first impression she gives off is that of a snobby one, making it seem like she feels she's too "high class" for the others at the cafe. However, when it comes to Bob, despite their constant fighting, it's obvious she has a feeling of admiration towards her sibling, showing that she does actually seem to have a heart.

Still, she's only willing to help others out with advice if they're willing to "pay" her, which is really just giving her a slice of cake. She does seem to have a way of understanding people's way of thinking, despite her not hanging around them often, due to her experiences of observing people back during her days of studying in London.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


  • Kanna: He was the only person she met in Cafe Mew Mew who she had a liking towards. Having grown fascinated with his way of life, she often enjoyed visiting his home island, though the two stopped seeing each other after a while.


Of course, there's Bob. Despite her constant teasing and complaining about what he's done with his life and where he's living, she's always admired them since they were little, though she felt spite towards him for a long time once he gave up his dream and stopped living the way he wanted to, going along with what people wanted of him. Even so, she seems to be quite proud of where he's brought himself and the fact that he was able to find people he cared about.


Eh, Allie doesn't seem to talk to people often.


  • Name Translation: "Alyssa" - Noble, "Pushkaboomda" - Made-up name
  • Alias: Allie, Drama Girl, The Side Character That Wouldn't Die
  • Signature Colors: Light Blue
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: March 14, 1990
  • Zodiac: Pisces/Horse
  • Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
  • Weight: 53 kg (118 lbs)
  • Likes: Acting, movies
  • Dislikes: Whining, people who complain about their lives
  • Fears: Fish
  • Allergies: Unknown
  • Favorite foods: Sugar-free cookies
  • Least favorite foods: Tacos
  • Favorite beverage: Orange juice
  • Blood Type: O


  • Allie was originally supposed to play the part of Bob's ex-girlfriend, but was instead made his twin sister; Sarah took the ex-girlfriend plot.
  • Allie, to this day, does not have a definite personality.
  • Allie's personality is inspired (or trying to be) by Megara of Disney's Hercules.
  • Allie was at one point supposed to get pregnant, for her authoress lacking any drama ideas. =D

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